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Jang Dong Palriffo Brang Gompa

Jang Dong Palriffo Brang Gompa, Kalimpong

Jang Dong Palriffo Brang Gompa, Kalimpong

Perched atop Durpin Hill in the serene town of Kalimpong, West Bengal, India, the Jang Dong Palriffo Brang Gompa, also known as Durpin Monastery, is a sanctuary of peace, spirituality, and breathtaking beauty. Established in 1976, this Tibetan Buddhist monastery is a haven for spiritual seekers and a testament to the rich Buddhist heritage of the region.

The Historical Significance of Jang Dong Palriffo Brang Gompa

Built by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, the Jang Dong Palriffo Brang Gompa is an essential part of Kalimpong’s spiritual landscape. The monastery holds a collection of sacred Buddhist texts, including the Kangyur, translated words of Buddha himself, making it a significant center for Buddhist learning and teachings.

A Testament to Tibetan Architecture

The Jang Dong Palriffo Brang Gompa is the epitome of traditional Tibetan architecture, blending art and spirituality. The monastery’s intricately carved woodwork, vibrant murals, and beautiful thangkas (Tibetan Buddhist paintings) depict various aspects of Buddhist philosophy and the life of Buddha.

The monastery’s main prayer hall houses a large statue of Buddha, surrounded by other important Buddhist deities. The outer walls of the monastery are lined with prayer wheels, believed to spread spiritual blessings and goodwill when spun.

An Abode of Peace and Meditation

The serene environment of the Jang Dong Palriffo Brang Gompa invites visitors into a realm of tranquility and introspection. The rhythmic chants of the resident monks, the soft rustling of prayer flags, and the divine aura of the monastery make it an ideal place for meditation.

Visitors can partake in the daily prayer rituals, immerse themselves in the calming atmosphere, or engage in spiritual discourses with the monks, gaining insights into Buddhist philosophy and way of life.

Panoramic Vistas from Durpin Hill

Situated at an altitude of approximately 1402 meters, the Jang Dong Palriffo Brang Gompa offers stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. On a clear day, one can witness the magnificent sight of the Kanchenjunga range, the Teesta River, and the towns of Kalimpong and Darjeeling from the monastery’s premises.

The view of the sunset over the majestic Himalayan range, with the monastery in the backdrop, is an awe-inspiring spectacle that captivates visitors.


The Jang Dong Palriffo Brang Gompa, with its spiritual ambiance, architectural grandeur, and spectacular vistas, is a must-visit destination in Kalimpong. Whether you are a spiritual seeker, a lover of architecture, or a nature enthusiast, a visit to this monastery promises an enriching and memorable experience. So, on your next trip to Kalimpong, ensure you make a stop at this divine abode and immerse yourself in its profound tranquility.

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