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If there is one place in the entire Himalayan region that deserves to be called the ‘Queen of the Hills’, it is the beloved town of Darjeeling. Located in the heart of the Eastern Himalayas at the foothills of the towering Mount Kanchenjunga, Darjeeling is one of the throbbing tourist centers of the country – a fascinating hill station, a colonial extravaganza, a traveler’s delight. 

There is not a single soul that Darjeeling does not delight. A breath-taking view will greet you at every turn of the road, the sheer magic of the scenic beauty of Darjeeling will leave you spell-bound

At Inside Darjeeling, we take a deep and insightful look into the many nooks and corners of Darjeeling and its surrounding destinations and bring it forth for our readers to know. 

Who Are We? 

We are a team of travel and tourism enthusiasts who are absolutely in love with this Eastern Himalayan hill station. From the local attractions to the culture and cuisine, we love everything about Darjeeling and want our readers to experience it the same. 

We have years of experience in the location which enables us to put forward the most accurate, informative, and exciting bits of information on Darjeeling. 

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What Do We Do?

Being one of the premium tourist destinations in the country, thousands of tourists every year want to know about the city of Darjeeling. While most websites only urge you to book tickets and reserve hotels, what we offer is an in-depth look into the town itself. 

Our goal is to put forward a complete and comprehensive guide on Darjeeling tourism for our readers. Here are some of the questions we collectively answer for you – 

  • What is Darjeeling famous for?
  • How to reach Darjeeling?
  • What are the best places to see in Darjeeling?
  • Where to shop, eat, and drink in Darjeeling?
  • What are the best experiences in Darjeeling?
  • When is the best time to visit Darjeeling?

And many, many more. 

About Darjeeling

Winding up along a steep mountain ridge, Darjeeling is best known for its emerald green tea plantations and a majestic view of Kanchenjunga. Standing at 28.169 ft elevation, the pride of Darjeeling is the third highest peak in the world. At The Heart of the city is a celebration of colonial architecture blending with contemporary culture, occasionally dotted with Buddhist Monasteries. 

Some of the top destinations in and around Darjeeling are –

There are several other attractions to pay a visit to in the bountiful location that Darjeeling is. A trip to the Happy Valley Tea Estate, Goomtee Tea Estate, and Makaibari Tea Estate is a must. Last but not the least, a trip to Darjeeling is incomplete without a walk in the Chowrasta Area and along the Ring Road that circles around a ridge and meets at two ends of the quadrangle. 

Do not forget to spare some time for breakfast at Glenary’s or evening snacks at Keventer’s rooftop. 

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