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Dali Monastery

Dali Monastery, Darjeeling

Dali Monastery, Darjeeling

Are you a mountain lover? If yes, then Darjeeling is somewhere you should visit. All the crazy people about mountains add Darjeeling once to their bucket list for the magnificent view of the Kanchenjunga. There are several eye-catching viewpoints and monasteries in Darjeeling tourism that you might not want to miss at all. The Dali Monastery is one of such kinds. Are you curious about the monastery? Then you can check out the following article now!

Some people might have heard of the Dali Monastery, while others might be accustomed to Drukpa Kagyud Monastery’s name. The famous monastery is well known to the world in Drukpa Kagyud because of its birth from the Kagyud Buddhist tribal from Tibet. It is situated at Dali, which falls in between Darjeeling town and Ghoom. The Dali Monastery lies 3 miles away from the main town of Darjeeling. If you take the Hill cart road route, you would be able to spot the Dali Monastery at ease. Dali lies 7000 meters above sea level on the lap of the mountains. If you wish to visit the Dali Monastery, then keep on reading to find out the details!

What is unique about Dali Monastery?

Darjeeling tourism has got a lot to offer to the tourists with some must-visit spots, including the Dali Monastery. You would find several tourist spots in Darjeeling, but none as elegant and organized as the Dali Monastery. The best thing about the monastery is the monuments and different sections for various purposes. The natural beauty of the place and the mind-exploding views can easily make one crave it in a loop after one visit. If you ever visit the Dali Monastery, you would find your peace of mind and a tremendous amount of unexplained joy in life. The different sections in the monastery and the original Tibetan culture in the monastery can make you fall for it as soon as you stand in front of it. 

What are the different sections?

Drukchen Rimpoche the XII is the current head of the people and Tibetan culture in Dali Monastery. Besides thinking much about the Tibetan norms, if you concentrate on climbing several steep stairs to get to know the rest of the specific divisions, it would be great for you to know Dali Monastery and its people at ease. In the following content, you would discover the details of the Dali Monastery and at which times to visit them. 

The prayer room:

If you ever visit the Dali Monastery, you might get confused regarding the infrastructure and might not guess if it is a monastery or a learning center due to its vast plot. The first room which you would find in Dali Monastery is the peaceful prayer room. You would be able to spot substantial golden-colored cylindrical rollers in the corners of the prayer room. Buddhists have got specific times for offering prayers. If you are lucky enough to visit the Dali Monastery from 5:30 AM to 6 AM or from 5:30 PM to 6 PM, you can see the monks’ soulful prayer offerings in the prayer room to their lord Buddha. Some of the Buddhist monks even sit in front of the giant rollers during the prayer offering hours. Buddhists believe the round golden cylindrical objects in the prayer rooms to be sacred, and you can get anything you pray to the lord by touching and moving those giant cylinders. 

The School:

Tourist spots like Dali Monastery in Darjeeling tourism not only believe in the presence of a god or making others spiritual solely, but they even concentrate on education and wisdom. Being supernatural is the last thing the Buddhist monks would prefer, and so you would find a well-settled school inside the Dali Monastery upon your visit. You might even spot a dozen kids roaming around in the room or sitting on their seats to receive school lessons. The children even have got unique school uniforms for their schooling inside the monastery.  

The Cafeteria:

Did you know that Dali Monastery has a cafeteria inside the premises? Darjeeling tourism can make you see wonders everywhere, including the Kunga Palijor Coffee Shop inside the Dali Monastery. The Kunga Palijor café shop runs pretty well in the regular customer’s tourists and the Dali Monastery residents. Even the students prefer grabbing snacks from the coffee shop after having their daily dose of lessons. The coffee shop has got self-service norms. You would not get anyone to serve you in the coffee shop except for yourself. You can get various things available in the coffee shop, but the sad part of the non-vegetarians is that the Dali Monastery coffee shop does not offer any non-veg food item. 

Suppose you ever visit the coffee shop in Dali Monastery. In that case, you can grab tea, coffee, or other vegetarian snacks like the Darjeeling famous momos, south Indian idly, pure and fresh potato chips, and other beverages. The best part of the Kunga Palijor Coffee shop at Dali is the bookshelf full of fascinating collections. You would get various books on Buddhism, its norms, rich cultures, and Buddha teachings. Who would not love to sit by the cafe window with a cup of warm tea or coffee along with some spiritual books on the other hand peacefully? The peaceful ambiance of the café would make you sit over there forever. 

Truths and Facts about the Dali Monastery

Darjeeling tourism has got a rich culture waiting for its tourists to enjoy. Among every other tourist spot in Darjeeling, the Dali Monastery is something that you should never miss on the way to Ghoom during your visit to Darjeeling. Dali people believe that Dali Monastery is one of the most sacred and holiest places in Darjeeling because Dalali Lama once visited the monastery and stayed there for three days, constant to spread love and Buddhism among the people and disciples. Ever since 1993, the Dali Monastery has become more famous than it was. The monastery is home to over 200 Buddhist monks at present. You would find them everywhere inside the monastery. Animal lovers would love the Dali Monastery because it is home to several street dogs as well. The monastery believes in loving and petting animals, giving a place to any random animal visiting them. 

How to reach Dali Monastery?

Via Airport:

Bagdogra airport is the only airport available to reach Darjeeling’s Dali. It is almost 90 kilometers away from Darjeeling’s main town. The air route is connected to most major cities in India like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. 

Via Railways:

You can also visit Darjeeling’s Dali via railways. The nearest railway station from Darjeeling is the New Jalpaiguri station. You can again go to Siliguri station, which is connected to India’s major cities like Kolkata, Delhi, and Guwahati.

Via road:

The last but not the least way to reach Darjeeling’s Dali is via road. You can get cabs and shuttle services available outside railway stations and airports to reach the main town. You can also travel to Darjeeling in your private cars or cabs on rental, taking the Kurseong, Mirik, or Rohini route. Bus services from Siliguri are also available. Darjeeling tourism waits to welcome you with its natural beauty and calm weather conditions to make your journey worth remembering. Visit now!

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