Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary

Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary

Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary. Photo Credit @gunasekaran.ramadoss

Nestled between the river Teesta and river Mahananda in Darjeeling, West Bengal, India, the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary is a paradise for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Spanning across an area of approximately 158 square kilometers, this sanctuary offers a unique blend of diverse wildlife, lush forests, and captivating views of the Himalayan landscapes.

A Glimpse into Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary’s Biodiversity

The sanctuary is a biodiversity hotspot with a rich variety of flora and fauna. The tropical and semi-evergreen forests of the sanctuary are home to an array of wildlife species including Asian elephants, Indian bison, tigers, leopards, barking deer, and a variety of monkeys.

Bird watchers would find the sanctuary particularly fascinating, as it houses more than 240 species of birds. From flycatchers and thrushes to hornbills and peafowls, Mahananda offers a mesmerizing display of avian diversity.

Exploring the Trails: Trekking in Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the best ways to explore the sanctuary is by embarking on a trek along its well-marked trails. The ‘Latpanchar’ trail is quite popular and provides trekkers with a chance to witness the sanctuary’s biodiversity up close. Treks usually involve crossing dense forests, gentle streams, and occasionally, spotting the rare and exotic wildlife in their natural habitat.

Connecting with Locals: Tribal Village Tours

In and around the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, several tribal villages add to the region’s cultural diversity. Taking a village tour provides visitors with a unique opportunity to interact with local communities, and learn about their customs, traditions, and their relationship with the surrounding forests. It’s an enriching experience that goes beyond just wildlife sightings and takes you closer to understanding the sociocultural aspects of the region.

Embracing Serenity: Riverside Picnics and Camping

For those seeking tranquility, the banks of the river Mahananda provide a serene spot for picnics. Visitors can enjoy a quiet afternoon surrounded by the sounds of the river and the forest. Additionally, the sanctuary offers designated camping sites for those looking to immerse themselves in the wilderness fully.


Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, with its rich biodiversity and natural beauty, offers an escape from the city’s hustle and bustle and a chance to connect with nature. Whether you’re an avid trekker, a wildlife enthusiast, a bird watcher, or someone seeking a serene retreat, Mahananda promises an enriching and memorable experience. So, pack your binoculars, lace up your trekking shoes, and embark on an adventure in the heart of nature’s bounty.

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