Rock Garden

Rock Garden

Rock Garden

Barely 10 kilometers away from Darjeeling lies the Barbotey Rock Garden, a perfect retreat for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike. A hotspot among the locals as well during summers, the Rock Garden is a carefully manicured multi-level garden that has been terraced across a natural waterfall.

How to reach Rock Garden

The road descending right from the Hill Cart Road leads you to Rock Garden. The descent is, however, not as easy as it seems. The drop to the valley where Rock Garden is located is quite a few thousand and the road, fairly steep. If you’re too fainthearted, you’d probably keep your eyes for this journey that lasts about 25-30 minutes. However, the road to the Barbotey Rock Garden is one of the major attractions of the place itself.
The views of Darjeeling’s terrain landscape dotted with colourful houses amidst the Himalayas is an experience to live in itself. In fact, the backdrop makes for a gorgeous insta-worthy locale, so keep those phone cameras handy!

What to see

When you reach Rock Garden, you see what they meant when they said there’s a reward at the end of any difficult journey. The garden has been built around a natural cascading waterfall called the Chunnu Summer Falls. Make the climb further up the rocks and you’ll find seating spaces built for travellers at various levels of this terrace garden. Give those weary legs some rest before you start exploring further. The waterfall making a bubbling noise as it flows over rocks, colourful flowers swaying in the cool, mountain breeze, leaves rustling as a bird flies out of a nearby bush, the solitude of the place- all of these are enough to transport you to another world.

The waterfall flows into a lake-like waterbody, that serves recreational purposes like boating for enthusiasts. If that doesn’t interest you, you can spend some time exploring the variety of the Rock Garden.

About another 3 kilometers downhill lies the Ganga Maya Park, which is a valley in itself, surrounded by the mighty mountains on all sides. A natural stream flows right into the premises; just about perfect for dipping your feet into. Plug in your earphones, scribble into your notebook or just enjoy a few stolen moments of peace just for yourself.

Pro Tip- Try planning your visit in accordance with the cultural calendar of Darjeeling. The Rock Garden hosts programs to uphold the rich heritage and aesthetics of the Nepali people.

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