Which is cheaper Darjeeling or Manali?

The cost of traveling to Darjeeling or Manali depends on several factors such as your travel style, the time of year, and the cost of living in each place. However, in general, Manali is often considered to be slightly cheaper than Darjeeling for budget travelers.

In Manali, there are many budget-friendly accommodations, street food stalls, and local markets selling affordable souvenirs. The cost of transportation is also relatively low in Manali, and there are many free or low-cost activities such as hiking, exploring local villages, and visiting waterfalls.

In Darjeeling, while there are also budget-friendly options available, the cost of living is generally higher, and there may be additional costs for activities such as visiting tea gardens and taking the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.

Ultimately, the cost of traveling to Darjeeling or Manali will depend on your personal travel style, budget, and the activities you plan to do. You may find that Darjeeling is cheaper for you or vice versa.

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