What is First Flush Darjeeling Tea?

First flush Darjeeling tea, also known as the “Champagne of teas,” is a type of tea that is harvested during the first plucking season in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India. This season typically occurs from late February to mid-April, and the tea leaves that are plucked during this time are known for their delicate, light, and floral flavor profile.

First flush Darjeeling tea is considered to be the most prized and expensive tea in the world due to its unique flavor and aroma. The tea leaves are carefully hand-picked and processed, and only the youngest and most tender leaves are selected. These leaves are then carefully processed using traditional methods to ensure that the flavor and aroma of the tea are preserved.

The flavor and aroma of first flush Darjeeling tea are often described as light and refreshing, with notes of muscatel and a delicate floral fragrance. The tea is pale golden in color and has a delicate, smooth texture.

Overall, first flush Darjeeling tea is a highly sought-after tea that is prized for its unique flavor, aroma, and delicate texture. It is considered by many to be the best tea in the world and is often compared to fine wine or champagne due to its complexity and subtle flavors.

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