Mirik Lake – The Mirror of the Clear Sky

Mirik Lake, Darjeeling

Mirik Lake, Darjeeling. Photo Courtesy - Abhishek

Located at the foothills of the Himalayas, Mirik is a picturesque tourist place amidst the foothills of the Himalayas in Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. Known for the rich and relaxing flavor of Tea worldwide, Darjeeling is famous for tourist places also. And, Mirik is one of them. The place is famous for the climate and easy to access destination.

The name Mirik is from the Lepcha word Mir-Yok which means ‘Place burnt by fire’. The location has multiple go-to destinations where tourists can explore to get the real touch of Darjeeling. If you wish to take a walk around, you might witness greenery like never before!

Overview of Mirik Lake 

Mirik is famous for the Sumendu Lake, which is also called the Mirik Lake for its easy identification.  Surrounded by pine trees on the three sides, one side has a garden which makes the entrance to the Lake. The lake is popular for its serene beauty and climate.

If heaven on Earth had a place, it would point to the Sumendu Lake. Tourists are free to explore the space on land, water as well as from a height. If you are a forest person, the western bank has hilly slopes with about ten thousand Cryptomeria japonica trees. Welcome yourself to a glimpse of the Lake amidst adventure in the forestry amid the lap of nature. 

The lake covers a total area of 1.25 km with a 7.92m depth. There are boating facilities at Mirik Lake throughout the year. You will see an arch-like bridge of 24.38m long constructed over the Lake. The locales call it the Rainbow Bridge for its shape along with the water and sky. If you’re not into boating, you can explore the lake by a walk on the Rainbow with cool breezes from the Lake.

There is no favorable time for the visit. Summer will give you a clear sky view with a pleasant temperature. During winter, the place remains foggy depicting an ambiance that’s worth a dream in reality. Try to avoid the time between June – August for the rainfalls.

Things to Do at Mirik 

Mirik has peak tourist destinations that are worth the visit. There is no doubt that Lake Sumendu is the main attraction to a tourist’s eye. But, if you are an explorer and want everything of that place to be in your memory stack, here’s a list of things you must do at Mirik.

Shop and Shop at the Pashupati Nagar

Pashupati Nagar Market
Pashupati Nagar Market

About 15 kilometers from Mirik, the Pashupati Nagar Market is at the Indo-Nepalese border. It is popular for cloth, perfumes, handicrafts, and more. You can visit this while returning from Mirik or on the way to the destination. Since half of the market lies in Nepal, there are strict restrictions at the entrance. Make sure to carry valid ID proofs and the purpose of your visit.  

Take a walk in the Orange Orchards

Ever wondered how would a garden look with orange bulbs hanging from green bushy trees? That’s the Mirik Orange Orchard during November and December. Enjoy the offbeat and unreal scenic beauty of the village during the season with ripe oranges in the trees. The place offers multiple homestays to welcome tourists with their friends and families. 

See them bloom as you sip a glass of fresh orange juice from the garden!

Curvy lanes at the Bunkulung

Bunklung is one unexplored place from Mirik. It is the agricultural hub of the town. Therefore, you can expect greenery like never before. 

The location is at the edge of the valley. You will see hills looming in all directions. There is no option to hike or trek at the Bunklung village. You have to take a cab and visit here to experience the authenticity of the hillside with few houses with their colouring roofs. 

Bunklung has farmlands, fisheries, and lanes that take you to every house individually. From a distance, it is nothing more than a painter’s canvas especially when the sun falls on the hills.

Slurp Tea at Mirik Tea Garden

Mirik Tea Garden
Mirik Tea Garden

How is it possible to not visit a tea garden in the land that’s famous for tea plantations? Mirik is full of tea bushes all along the valley. Throughout the year, the tea care takes work in the plantation taking care of each leaf to give us the rich flavor of Darjeeling. 

It is a fascinating experience to walk along with the tea gardens in the specified lane. Spending an hour or two in the serene green will make the trip complete!

The Bokar Monastery

The Bokar Monastery is one of the few monasteries in India that still have the tradition unaltered. It is the epitome of Chinese architecture that has attracted tourists from all parts of India and abroad. There are several lawns inside the premises of The Bokar Monastry for visitors to relax. The place is a few minutes away from Mirik Lake. You can visit the two places on the same day of your trip.

Dawn and Dusk at Rameetay Dhara

Every hill station has extraordinary viewpoints to observe the place closely. Mirik is not an exception. The Rameetay Dhara is a place where you can sit with your friends or close ones for a fascinating sunset or sunrise. You will see hilltops spawning all through the distance. Amidst them, the sun would rise or set depending on the time of the day. If the sky is clear, you will witness the Kanchenjunga as the backdrop with the valley at the bottom. 

Points to Remember 

Before planning a trip, there are certain things one must keep in mind. Especially for mountain, your health must not betray you between the trips. Make sure to test if you aren’t sick of altitude. If so, carry some medicines.

Mirik is known for its tranquillity at the foothills of the snow-capped Kanchenjunga range. Besides the mild flavor of the tea and Lepcha lifestyle, Mirik offers multiple bars and restaurants for the tourists. North Indian and Chinese are the common cuisines available with Bengali dishes. Some of them keep South Indian cuisine on the menu as well.

Mirik has homestays and hotels, both for luxurious and budget-friendly living. Some situate at the locality while some amidst the lake with an outstanding view. All the hotels are within walking distance from the Bazar, Thana, or Restaurants.

If you want to live at the best property in Mirik, The Swiss Cottage is always ready to welcome their guests. It has 12 duplex Swiss Style Cottages at a 2km distance from the lake.

How to Reach Mirik

Reaching Mirik is not a hectic journey. If you prefer to travel by land, the nearest railway station to Mirik is the New Jalpaiguri railway station. For the ones who prefer the airways, your destination would be the Bagdogra Airport. From both the airport and station, taking a bus to Mirik is the wisest option. You can also hire taxis from the airport or station to Mirik.

Wrapping Up

Holidays are meant to bring fun and joy to your life. Carry valid ID proof everywhere during your trip. Mirik is a land of tranquillity amidst the mountains. Explore it inch by inch!

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