Margaret’s Hope

Margaret's Hope

Margaret's Hope, Kurseong. Photo Credit @tiny_girl_tall_world

Margaret’s Hope is a world-renowned tea estate located in the picturesque town of Kurseong in the Darjeeling district. Known for its exquisite teas and scenic beauty, this place offers a unique glimpse into the tea-growing heritage of the region and an unforgettable experience of serenity amidst the lush plantations.

The History: A Tale of Hope and Love

The story behind the name ‘Margaret’s Hope’ is as intriguing as the place itself. Named after the owner’s daughter Margaret, who fell in love with the beauty of the estate during her visit but tragically died during her voyage back to England, the estate serves as a symbol of her everlasting love for the place.

Verdant Scenery: The Beauty of the Tea Gardens

Spread across verdant hills and valleys, the tea gardens of Margaret’s Hope are a sight to behold. The meticulously maintained plantations, interspersed with colorful flora, offer panoramic views that serve as a feast for the eyes and soul.

A Tea Lover’s Paradise: Sampling the Fine Brews

Margaret’s Hope is revered for its fine Darjeeling teas, particularly the second flush, known for its unique muscatel flavor. A tour of the estate provides an opportunity to understand the tea production process, from plucking the leaves to the final stages of processing. And of course, a tasting session where you can savor the estate’s aromatic brews is an experience not to be missed.

Bird Watching: A Treat for Nature Enthusiasts

In addition to its tea gardens, Margaret’s Hope is also a haven for bird watchers. The area is home to various species of exotic birds, and visitors can spend hours observing these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

Engaging with Locals: A Cultural Exploration

While the tea gardens are the primary attraction, the opportunity to interact with the local community enriches the visit to Margaret’s Hope. The warmth and hospitality of the locals, combined with the chance to learn about their traditions and lifestyle, add a distinct charm to the experience.

Nearby Attractions: Broadening the Experience

Margaret’s Hope’s proximity to Kurseong town allows visitors to explore other attractions. These include the beautiful Kurseong Gompa, the Eagle Craig viewpoint, and several other renowned tea estates, each offering unique experiences.


A visit to Margaret’s Hope not only offers a refreshing escape amidst lush tea gardens but also provides a deeper understanding of the region’s tea-growing heritage. Whether you’re a tea connoisseur, a nature enthusiast, or a history buff, Margaret’s Hope is a destination that promises an enriching and memorable experience.

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