Dowhill Eco Park

Dowhill Eco Park, Kurseong

Dowhill Eco Park, Kurseong

Dowhill Eco Park is in Kurseong. This is one of the famous parks among all the listed places in Kurseong. 

Dowhill Park is also known as Deer Park as there are a lot of deers that you can see. However, with deforestation, such sights are currently rare and hence the name changed.

Overview of Dowhill Eco Park

The Dowhill park is situated on the top of the Dowhill. The fenced park is quite small. There are fences and other various types of plantations. 

The region is dotted with lovely houses of the British Raj time. It has various kinds of rare birds and animals which are generally found in these regions.

It is prescribed to trek to the top and then be back using the shortcut routes through the forest. You can also take a cab to the top if you want and then again come back.

It is a very nice park and children will adore it. The park usually opens from 10 am to 4 pm. But it is closed every Thursday. An ordinary entry charge should be paid for entering the park.

This magnificent park is nice for both youngsters and grown-ups. The park is well maintained and there are full of trees and flowers.

There are numerous ideal locations that you may want to visit in and around this great city, with prominent local landmarks and nice restaurants.

Things that are around

Dowhill Eco Park is one of the major tourist spots in Kurseong. A visit to the Dowhill Eco Park and Deer Park can be combined with other tourist destinations across the city. With its heavenly cuisines and the opportunities to explore the surrounding regions, Kurseong is ready to offer a unique and authentic experience.

In the adjacent woods, there is an enormous, fenced zone where you can see some more deers. But wandering into the forest is not permitted. You can just see the deers from outside the fence and frequently they can be seen moving around, except in the park. 

There is also a gazebo at the park for you to sit and relax and a playground for small children with slides and swings. 

There are water fountains, a house full of flowers, and various kinds of rare animals. The park requires a visit at least once while you are here. You would also like to have long strolls to the secluded stretches while you appreciate the beautiful perspectives of the surrounding areas.

From the main market, there is a steep road that climbs uphill to the Dowhill areas. This is the Hill Cart street that connects Kurseong and Darjeeling. This street was renamed the Old Cart Street after the new version of the Hill cart street came up. From Kurseong, it is just a kilometer or so and you need to climb to enter the area of Dowhill eco-park.

Kurseong is popular for its education hub. The schools of Kurseong are popular not only for the education that they provide but also because of their development and location which attracts tourists.

The Dowhill Girls School has a glimpse of the British times because of its elegance and architecture. This school is popular as it is encompassed by pine trees and for the nature of education that they provide.

Dowhill Girls School, Kurseong. Credit Jayita Kundu
Dowhill Girls School, Kurseong. Credit Jayita Kundu

It is highly recommended as one of the best spots to visit in Kurseong and it’s best if you can visit during both sunset and sunrise, the Eagle’s Crag Viewpoint which offers stunning panoramic views of the valley. Overlooking the plains of Siliguri, one can click awesome pictures of the Kanchenjunga from the Eagle’s Crag Viewpoint. Guests can either travel up the winding path or can hire a cab to the top. The spectacular view of the rising sun from behind the Kanchenjunga is an incredible sight.

There are also stores for the Forest Museum that exhibits animals skins, hides, bones, and images of fauna that was once flourished in the Dow Hill district. Located near Deer Park, you can find wooden artifacts on display. Those who are fascinated by nature will find home here. The visitors can also take a walk around the little park of the forest museum.

How to Reach Dowhill Eco Park

Located on the Dow Hill Road, the Dowhill eco-park is well-connected via all means of nearby transportations.

From Kurseong railway station, the first route from the Motivot Tea Garden at Baghgora Road and the other route is via NH110 through the Baghgora road which will take about 19 minutes to reach the Dowhill eco-park.


Downhill eco-park is an amusement park for kids with their families. If you are an animal lover or a nature lover you can visit the park and the surrounding areas and can enjoy the serene environment.

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